Meet The Team


Andrew: 10678544_10204092175400642_626432053241334275_nI’ve been gaming since I can remember. I’ve always gamed on PC, some of the earliest games I remember really getting into (at the age of six) were Unreal Tournament, RollerCoaster Tycoon and Virtua Fighter. Those three games took up more of my time than anything else. I did eventually get a PS2 which I loved and had a load of games for and a PS3 after that, which I still have and use regularly.

I mostly play strategy games, RPGs and shooters, although recently I’ve been delving into some other genres like platforming with the Trine series (great for playing with my girlfriend). Being a massive football fan I also of course, have kind of a love/hate relationship with FIFA. The systems I own at the moment are a PC, PS4, PS3 and an iPad (if you want to count that).

Twitter: @Andrew_H93
Steam: vicious_lemons
PSN: Vicious_Lemons

12076998_10156141401305608_143403727_nSam: Like Andrew, I was gaming since I got out of nappies but I’m the mirror gamer of Andrew in which I dabbled in PC gaming with my main focus in console gaming, from the Sega Megadrive to the Nintendo 64 before finally the divine intervention of Playstation. I’ve owned every Playstation since the UK release in ’95 at the blessed age of one (Excluding the PS Vita because it’s basically a PSP V.2 and meh to that). I like candlelight dinners, puppies, walks in the moonlight and anything packed with gore, FPS and fantasy battle games are my niche.

Twitter: @WhatMooseSaid.
PSN: pure_violence


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