Competitive Multiplayer Ruins Online Play For Me

Until I got my PS3, I had never really played any online multiplayer games. I played Runescape, but other than that my multiplayer experience was limited to splitscreen and the odd LAN game when enough people were in the same place. This all changed when I bought Modern Warfare, it was the game that introduced... Continue Reading →


Is it Fair to Expect Something For Nothing?

In my last post I discussed my thoughts on microtransactions and DLC, inspired by the inclusion of loot boxes in Shadow of War. You can find the whole post here, but the short version is this. I believe that microtransactions in a game that already costs upwards of £40 are a disgrace. Players are being... Continue Reading →

Shadow of War, Microtransactions and DLC

The news came out this week that Shadow of War, the sequel to the excellent Shadow of Mordor, will have microtransactions. Players will be able to buy loot boxes containing more powerful weapon upgrades and followers for real money. This news was of course met with uproar in the gaming world, as is always the case... Continue Reading →

Just Cause 3 Review – Fun But Broken

Just Cause 3 is probably one of the least original games created in the last few years. It's an open world third person shooter with a macho male protagonist, a throwaway story and settlements full of enemies to liberate. But somehow, having said all of that and despite some serious performance issues, it manages to... Continue Reading →

One of the Greatest Gaming Sins

Games are a excellent form of escapism. Diving into a long, story-driven RPG is like reading a good book, players are taken out of their real life for a few hours and placed in this fantasy land where they are the most important and powerful person around. Players should be able to imerse themselves in... Continue Reading →

DayZ and the Problem With Early Access

Every few months there seems to be a new early access survival game taking the Steam charts by storm. H1Z1, Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust, The Forest and of course the latest flavour of the month, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. But one of the first examples of the genre was the standalone version of DayZ. Originally a mod for... Continue Reading →

Mobile Gaming is the Future? I Hope Not

"Mobile gaming is the future!". I've seen this statement, or something like it, numerous times over the last few years. And while there can be no doubt that mobile gaming is a huge industry now, it has never been the future of gaming. Yes, games like Clash of Clans raked in mountains of cash, but... Continue Reading →

Why Hearthstone is the Only CCG I Play

Card games are not new, but since the release and subsequent huge success of Hearthstone, new card games seem to be sprouting up every five minutes. This isn't unusual. A hugely successful game releases and so everyone wants to jump on that trend to make money from it. The problem though, is that collectable card... Continue Reading →

XCOM 2 Review: R.I.P Lief Jensen

It should have been a simple mission. Drop in, complete the objective, get out. The team had just been on a much tougher mission and returned without a single casualty. This was going to be a walk in the park compared to what they had previously faced. Unfortunately, things did not go to plan. Within... Continue Reading →

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