I’ve Never Really Got On With Fallout

Seeing as Bethesda has just announced Fallout 76, I thought this would be a good time to shamelessly join in with the professional games media and write something about previous Fallout games. After racking my brain for many, many minutes I thought of something that slightly annoys me about the series. Now I should point... Continue Reading →


Battlefield V Reveal: What Did We Learn?

After a week of speculation, all the juicy details about the latest instalment in the Battlefield franchise have been revealed. I wrote a couple of days ago about what I was hoping for from the new game, and I discussed the rumours surrounding the reveal. Well the rumours were right about one thing, it is... Continue Reading →

Who Introduced You to Gaming?

If you read one of my last posts, you'll know that I've been having some issues with writing recently. As someone trying to make a living by putting pen to paper this is a bit of an issue, but I've decided I just need to write my way through this slump. So I'm starting off... Continue Reading →

Your Most Frustrating Boss Fight?

Gamers love a good boss fight. We must love them, because they have been a staple of games for decades now. They are in everything from first-person shooters to 2D platformers and quite often they are the most memorable parts of a game. Good boss fights can elevate a game from merely average to something... Continue Reading →

It’s Been a Long Time

I haven't written anything on this blog for about 6 months, and that is too damn long. To be honest, I haven't really written anything in that time. My motivation has been not existent, which in turn lowers the quality of everything I write. Hell, I'm struggling to get through this paragraph right now. It's... Continue Reading →

Is it Fair to Expect Something For Nothing?

In my last post I discussed my thoughts on microtransactions and DLC, inspired by the inclusion of loot boxes in Shadow of War. You can find the whole post here, but the short version is this. I believe that microtransactions in a game that already costs upwards of ¬£40 are a disgrace. Players are being... Continue Reading →

Shadow of War, Loot Boxes and DLC

The news came out this week that Shadow of War, the sequel to the excellent¬†Shadow of Mordor, will have microtransactions. Players will be able to buy loot boxes containing more powerful weapon upgrades and followers for real money. This news was of course met with uproar in the gaming world, as is always the case... Continue Reading →

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